In the 2017 RPGR we will organize a very special event, namely, a Graphene Technology Transfer Fair (GTTF) where the Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) of the universities represented at RPGR will have the opportunity to present their intellectual property (IP) to the industry and entrepreneurs. We estimate that around 20 universities and more than 40 different industries will be present. The GTTF will create a unique opportunity to expose your IP to the industrial community at large, as well, as interact with other TTOs in Asia.

We are planning the following structure:
1) Booths will be available for the TTOs to present their IP
2) TTOs will be invited to introduce their respective spin-off companies and/or IP (GTTF workshop)
3) Meeting rooms will be available for confidential discussions (Brokerage event)

If your institution is interested in participating in this unique event, please contact us: info@rpgr2017.com
  INVITED (GTTF Workshop)
Sean P. Flanigan
NUS Enterprise
Barbaros Oezyilmaz
  INVITED (GTTF Workshop)
Sean P. Flanigan (NUS Enterprise, Singapore)  
Research Outputs and Technology Transfer of Early Stage University Research
Barbaros Oezyilmaz (CA2DM/NUS, Singapore)  
Graphene Technology Development and Industry Validation at CA2DM-OII

Exhibition Packages

Passes Included

Before June 19

After June 19

Conference Pass

Exhibition Pass

Tech Transfer Fair Area*

Option 1

1 - 1050Euros 1260Euros

Option 2

1 1 1300Euros 1560Euros
*This option is only available for Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) of Universities presenting their intellectual property (IP).

TTF exhibition packages include:
- One wastebasket
- Electricity socket (230V)
- Daily cleaning
- Logo of the company in the conference abstract book
- Logo, company`s short description (max. 100 words) and internet link at RPGR2017 website

- Basic Material included: 1 table and 1 chair

Although graphene conferences became common worldwide, the industrial presence in those conferences has been mainly represented by graphene producers and equipment makers. The lack of representation from industrial sectors that can benefit directly from graphene (producers of coatings, composite materials, touch panels, sensors, etc) has been a major drawback in speeding up the use of graphene industrially. The RPGR conference series is known for its high scientific level. Nevertheless, over the years the International Advisory Board (IAB) of RPGR has identified the need to include an industrial and entrepreneurial component to the conference given the tremendous commercial potential of graphene and other 2D materials. Asia currently controls around 54% of all patents worldwide. Nevertheless, all this intellectual wealth has yet to be fully explored in terms of spin-off companies and/or licenses.