RPGR2017 is an excellent platform to present your organization to influential top scientists, engineers, talented students and business leaders specialized in various aspects of Graphene.

If your organization is looking for an effective way to connect with the graphene community to highlight its products, services or technology, our event is the right place. During these two days you get to meet the key players of the industry.

Opportunities are available for industry, academic and governmental organizations (including networks, research projects, etc.) to share common objectives and drive the commercialization and the know-how of graphene.
In the meantime, for more info, please contact us info@rpgr2017.com


Exhibition Packages

Passes Included

Before June 26

After June 26

Conference Pass

Exhibition Pass

Table Top (approx. 2,25m2)

1 - 900Euros 1080Euros

Space Rental (4m2)

1 - 1050Euros 1260Euros

Standard 4m2

1 - 1350Euros 1620Euros

Standard 6m2

1 1 1750Euros 2100Euros

Standard 9m2*

1 1 2150Euros 2580Euros

Standard 12m2*

1 2 2550Euros 3060Euros

Tech Transfer Fair Area**

Option 1

1 - 1050Euros 1260Euros

Option 2

1 1 1300Euros 1560Euros
*Includes additionally 1 meeting table + 2 chairs
**This option is only available for Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) of Universities presenting their intellectual property (IP).
More info

Exhibition packages include:
- One wastebasket
- Electricity socket (220V)
- Daily cleaning
- Logo of the company in the conference abstract book
- Logo, company`s short description (max. 100 words) and internet link at RPGR2017 website

- Basic Material included: 1 table and 1 chair